How to dispose of waste from the garden

Sometimes it really happens that you do not know where to go with him. Where to go with wood waste, where to go with the unwashed clay, where to go with the dried trees, where to go with the composting, when you do not need it. Have you ever wondered that perhaps one garden next to your surplus would be welcomed by someone? But how to learn about it? The only option is to advertise for free or for a fee. You can try both.
Those interested
Next to you resides uncle, who is drooping wood, so that soon your sawdust and scrap will take you to sunburn. A short distance from you are looking for a larger amount of clay to balance the soil in the garden, so even the clay is suitable for someone. The fallen trees are stalkered by a neighbor who owns a chainsaw and your garden is clean and tidy for free. Don't you believe your eyes? And yet it's so simple-free ads works!


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