For nine mountains and nine rivers

She lived in a small kingdom with her parents Princess Divnovlove.  Why they said so, she's a very sweet. The sparse beard, resembling the straws of the straw, was dripping on its otherwise pretty header and, more or less, her beautiful face with almond eyes. The other girls from all over the kingdom laughed at her, so she didn't go out and stay home. But she was a little girl curious and skilful, and when she grew up, she thought enough. And she began to write and ask questions.
A fairy tale with a happy ending, how else
One day the court hairdresser and a little witch asked her, "Have you heard of a saloon where hair extensions make the sad princesses merry again?"  His eyes glowed and his diligence and effort came to a great professional hairdresser who had solved her problem once and for all. They were well advised to choose the right length and density, helped to pick the best shade, and the grey mouse turned out to be the most beautiful and radiant beauty in the vicinity. Every woman can become a princess.

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