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    Hot filling production line for fruit juice and tea drink

    • RGF24-24-10 type triple PET filling machine
    RGF24-24-10 type triple PET filling machine

    RGF24-24-10 type triple PET filling machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: RGF24-24-10
    • Product description: RGF24-24-10 type triple PET filling machine
    Custom processing: yes Brand: Dongyi
    model: RGF24-24-10 type three PET Filling Machine Power: 4.5KW (kw)
    Size: 3200x1900x2300 Number of filling head: Twenty-four
    Filling volume: 500 (ML) Bottle height: 320 (mm)
    Suitable bottle size: 100 (mm) throughput: (150 cans per minute)
    Filling accuracy: 98 (%) Type of packing: bottle
    working principle: negative pressure Applicable objects: Fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, mineral water, pure water, yogurt, milk, oil
    , hair care, skin care category, cosmetics, cleaning, washing supplies, toothpaste and paste, glue
    Water, oral liquid, syrup, alcohol and other liquids
    Applicable industry: Catering, food, cosmetic, medicine, tobacco, chemical and other Material type: liquid
    The degree of automation: fully automatic

    Main features:

    This machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation, high degree of automation;

    And material contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel manufacturing process, no dead angle, easy to clean;

    With high precision, high speed filling valve, liquid level without loss of accuracy, to ensure the filling quality;

    The capping head adopts constant torque device to ensure the sealing quality and will not damage the cap.

    The efficient and automatic sorting system for cover, with perfect cap feeding and protection device;

    Transform bottle only need to replace the wheel into the bottle screw and arc plate can be realized, the operation is simple and convenient;

    The card into the bottle filling system bottleneck, avoid pollution two bottle;

    The perfect overload protective device, can effectively protect the machine equipment and operator;

    The control system has the water level automatic control, lack of cover bottle detection, auto stop and output counting function;

    Bottle washing system with high efficiency cleaning spray nozzle spray, can be cleaned in the bottle each;

    This machine adopts frequency control, which can adjust the production capacity;

    To electrical components, electronic control valve and transducer are imported components, to ensure that the performance of the whole machine;

    All the main components of the pneumatic system adopts Germany FESTO products;

    Using the touch screen operation, can realize man-machine dialogue, the running state of the equipment at a glance.