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    Hot filling production line for fruit juice and tea drink

    • RXGF triple series hot filling machine
    RXGF triple series hot filling machine

    RXGF triple series hot filling machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: RXGF32-32-10
    • Product description: RXGF triple series hot filling machine
    Custom processing: yes Brand: RXGF series hot filling three in one machine
    model: RXGF32-32-10 Power: 5.6 (kw)
    Size: 4200*2300*2300 Number of filling head: Thirty-two
    Filling volume: 500 (ML) Bottle height: 150-310 (mm)
    Suitable bottle size: 50-90 (mm) throughput: 170-200 (cans per minute)
    Filling accuracy: 99 (%) Type of packing: bottle
    working principle: Hot filling Applicable objects: Juice drinks, alcoholic drinks, mineral water, pure water, yogurt
    Applicable industry: Catering, food, cosmetic, medicine, tobacco, chemical Material type: Sterile water
    The degree of automation: fully automatic

    This series of products for Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea and juice beverage products such as hot filling production line. This machine integrates washing, filling and sealing as a whole. Scientific and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, high degree of automation, is the preferred equipment for hot filling beverage.