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    Hot filling production line for fruit juice and tea drink

    • RXGF 40-40-12 Juice hot filling machine
    RXGF 40-40-12 Juice hot filling machine

    RXGF 40-40-12 Juice hot filling machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: RXGF 40-40-12
    • Product description: RXGF 40-40-12 Juice hot filling machine
    Custom processing: yes Brand: Dongyi
    model: RCGF32/32/10 three a hot Filling Machine Power: 7.8 (kw)
    Size: 3700*3000*2350 Number of filling head: Thirty-two
    Filling volume: 500-1500 (ML) Bottle height: From 160 to 310 (mm)
    Suitable bottle size: Round bottle, square bottle with a diameter less than 96 less than 90 * 90 (mm) throughput: (250 cans per minute)
    Filling accuracy: 98 (%) Type of packing: bottle
    working principle: negative pressure Applicable objects: Fruit juice, mineral water, pure water, yogurt, fresh milk,
    Oral liquid, syrup, alcohol and other liquids
    Applicable industry: Catering, food, cosmetic, medicine, tobacco, chemical and other Material type: liquid
    The degree of automation: fully automatic

    RCGF32/32/10 type PET washing bottle / filling / capping machine is a combination of three advanced models with the application of independent research and development of hot filling technology advanced to juice drinks, tea drinks hot filling. This machine adopts the bottleneck of transmission, only need to change a little change, it can be applied to different kinds of bottles, eliminating wear bottle, smooth delivery. As a way of filling micro gravity vacuum filling, the unique filling technique not only improves the filling speed and filling accuracy. At the same time to avoid the bubble filling process. The health level of the circulatory system accurately to ensure product filling temperature, provides a reliable guarantee for the quality of the product. Imported from France that caught that capping technology is the leading domestic level. After extraction, mixing tea or juice by UHT (UHT) system, meet the requirement after filling barrel by the pump to the Filling Machine for filling, not at this time, continue to return to the tea reflux tank, such as temperature detection did not meet the technological requirements of tea back to the UHT system re heating, temperature detection the reflux tank of process requirements, then filling. When the filling opening the vacuum pump, vacuum negative pressure regulating valve, the reflux tank is reached in the process requirements, a liquid level detection in reflux tank, when the liquid level exceeds the level is high, the reflux pump work, the tea water is pumped back into UHT system, to a low level when the pump stops working, reflux. CIP cleaning, UHT will stop working, filling valve installed on the bottle, cleaning liquid (acid, alkali, water) into the liquid Filling Machine is still from the mouth to 1 ~ 2Kg/cm2 into the high pressure tank, cylinder pressure distribution, filling valve, the filling valve into the cylinder under pressure, and then the reflux tank, finally pressed into CIP cleaning machine. It can start the reflux pump, the reflux tank for cleaning cycle by cleaning the ball back at the top of the tank.

    technical parameter

    Parameter name data
    Size L/W/H 4000 x 2600 x 3150 (mm)
    Installed capacity 9.18KW
    The main power supply AC 3-380V/50HZ
    Rinsing water pressure 0.25 ~ 0.3MPa
    Bottle washing water flow 1800Kg/h
    Compressed air pressure 0.6 MPa
    The compressed air consumption 400L/min
    The product of entrance pressure 0.10 ~ 0.15 Mpa
    weight 4500Kg
    Filling temperature Less than or equal to 95 DEG C
    Temperature control range Less than or equal to 1 DEG C
    Return flow Less than 400Kg/h
    Recovery tank vacuum Less than 0.01MPa
    Bottle size From 160 to 310 (mm)
    Bottle size Round bottle, square bottle diameter less than 96mm in diameter is less than 90 * 90mm