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    Hot filling production line for fruit juice and tea drink

    • Drink Mixer
    Drink Mixer

    Drink Mixer

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: QHS
    • Product description: Drink Mixer
    Marketing: New Power: 6.2 (kw)
    Wine: 0.2 (%) Product use: Syrup, water, mixed with carbon dioxide for Filling Machine
    packing: 2020 x 1500 x 2200 Voltage: 3.8 (V)
    Type: Beverage mixer Custom processing: yes
    model: QHS Filling capacity: (6000 bottles / hour)
    Net weight: 1800 (kg) Applicable scope: Drink shop equipment, leisure food factory equipment
    Brand: Dongyi Size: 2020 x 1500 x 2200 (mm)
    Mixing machine: Beverage mixer

    This machine adopts advanced gas-liquid mixing device and mixes syrup, water and gas is mixed three for Filling Machine, mainly used for carbonated drinks, mixed fermented beverage processing, it has mixed, accurate, easy to adjust the higher ratio, convenient operation, stable performance, the advantages of automation.

    model QHS-1500 QHS-3000 QHS-4000 QHS-5000 QHS-6000
    Production capacity (kg/h) 1000-1500 2500-3000 2000-4000 2500-5000 4000-6000
    The syrup and water ratio adjustment range 1:3-1:10 1:3-1:10 1:3-1:10 1:3-1:10 1:3-1:10
    Gas content 1.5-2.5 >2.5 >2.5 >2.5 >2.5
    The frozen water entrance temperature 0-5 C
    The top tank pressure tank, carbonation syrup 0.05-0.15 Mpa
    Working pressure storage tank 0.2-0.5 Mpa
    Power (kw) One point five Three point seven Four Point Zero Five Five point six Six point two
    Size (mm) 900 x 700 x 2000 1720 x 1140 x 2100 1860 x 1300 x 2100 1960 x 1400 x 2150 2020 x 1500 x 2200
    The weight (kg) Five hundred One thousand and one hundred One thousand and three hundred One thousand and six hundred One thousand and eight hundred