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    Hot filling production line for fruit juice and tea drink

    • Juice glass bottle filling machine
    Juice glass bottle filling machine

    Juice glass bottle filling machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: RXGF24-24-8
    • Product description: Juice glass bottle filling machine

    RXGF24-24-8 type PET washing bottle / filling / capping machine is a combination of three advanced models with the application of independent research and development of hot filling technology advanced to juice drinks, tea drinks hot filling. The glass bottle, using screw bottle, ensure the temperature of the bottle, 180 degree turn flush and drain, ensure fully clean bottles. Back to the hot filling flow tank, keep the hot filling temperature, ensure high temperature sterilization, prolong the shelf life of. Design & machine on the side, more convenient for customers in the actual production on the cover, back cover. The capping head to three capping. This machine has a compact structure, all parts contact with material are made of 304 stainless steel sanitary. PLC control, touch screen operation, high degree of automation, easy to operate.

    Technical parameters:

    Parameter name data
    Size L/W/H 2800 x 2100 x 2300 (mm)
    Installed capacity 9.18KW
    The main power supply AC 3-380V/50HZ
    Rinsing water pressure 0.25 ~ 0.3MPa
    Bottle washing water flow 800Kg/h
    Compressed air pressure 0.6 MPa
    The compressed air consumption 400L/min
    The product of entrance pressure 0.10 ~ 0.15 Mpa
    weight 4000Kg
    Filling temperature Less than or equal to 95 DEG C
    Temperature control range Less than or equal to 1 DEG C
    Return flow Less than 400Kg/h
    Recovery tank vacuum Less than 0.01MPa
    Bottle size From 60 to 310 (mm)
    Bottle size Round bottle, square bottle diameter less than 96mm in diameter is less than 90 * 90mm