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    PE heat shrink film packaging machine

    • Automatic PE film shrink film packaging machine
    • Automatic PE film shrink film packaging machine
    Automatic PE film shrink film packaging machineAutomatic PE film shrink film packaging machine

    Automatic PE film shrink film packaging machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Uses: Package
    • Type: Film charter
    • Product description: Automatic PE film shrink film packaging machine
    Type: Film charter Product alias: Film charter
    model: WD-4050 Use: encapsulation
    Brand: Dongyi Custom processing: yes

    After packing of finished products:

    Product description:

    The automatic coating, sealing and thermal contraction packaging machine, packaging machine is the new development of the advantages of our company in the same kinds of. Widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical products such as packaging combination. Without bottom support, no carton, both square and circular, flat packaging can be perfect, visual effect is good, low cost packaging.

    A novel optimization design using this machine - PLC, automatic control, man-machine interface tracking, accurate positioning. Time to enter the state, eliminate the missing bottles, bottle falling, flexible adjustment, safe and beautiful. Adjustable air circulation structure for all kinds of heat shrinkable film (Han Caiyin), a film change is quick and simple, fault warning, locking range, reliable operation. For constant quality, stable and reliable, and provide a solid guarantee for continuous production of long time.

    The whole machine is made of high quality steel and stainless steel precision, compact and reasonable structure, durable, energy-saving effect is remarkable. A new automatic shrink film packaging machine with independent intellectual property rights, is the preferred equipment canned Beverage production line.

    Technical parameters:

    - Power: AC 380V/220V 50HZ

    The maximum power consumption: 26KW

    The actual power consumption: 16KW/

    Working pressure: 0.6Mpa-0.8 - Mpa

    - matching requirements: air compressor exhaust pressure: 0.8Mpa, flow rate: 0.3 m3/min

    - shrink film materials: PE, PP, PVC, POF

    The packaging film width: 600mm

    The packaging film thickness: 0.03 ~ 0.15mm

    The feed conveyor level: 950 30mm

    Size - equipment: L6090 * L2680 * W2030 (mm)

    The total weight of equipment: 1200kg

    The product packaging technology parameters:

    The maximum packing size: L400 * W300 * H390mm

    The minimum package size: L210 * W140 * H100mm

    The heat sealing knife length: 700mm

    The shrinkage temperature of 260 DEG C: arbitrary regulation

    The contraction time: 0-6S

    The heat sealing temperature: 150-200 degrees

    The maximum production speed: 600 bags / hour

    Commonly used per package bottle number (round or square)

    4 - 4 x 64 x 54 x 4 bottle size: diameter of 40- with 73mm

    3 - 3 x 43 x 33 x 5 bottle size: diameter of 73- with 98mm

    2 - 2 x 32 x 4 bottle size: diameter of 98- with 140mm

    1 - 1 x 21 x 1 bottle size: diameter of 140- with 300mm

    The number of bottles per pack expanded (round or square)

    (A) 5 5 x 55 x 65 x 8 bottle size: diameter of 46- with 56 mm

    (B) 6 6 x 66 x 86 x 10 bottle size: diameter of 35- with 46mm

    (C) 8 8 x 88 x 108 x 12 bottle size: diameter of 25- with 35mm