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    PE heat shrink film packaging machine

    • Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine
    Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

    Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: DY-ZDB
    • Purpose: Automatic shrink packaging machine
    • Product description: Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine
    Power: 21 (Kw) Maximum packing size: L600mm * W400mm * H350mm (mm)
    Custom processing: yes Weight: 800 (kg)
    Work efficiency: 8000 (pcs/h) (pcs/h) model: DY-ZDB
    Brand: Dongyi Power Supply: 380 (V)
    Mechanical dimensions: L12000mm * W1100mm * H2100mm (mm) packer: Automatic shrink packaging machine

    This machine is specially designed for drinks (pure water, beverage, fruit juice, dairy products) the height of the packaging requirements in the design and manufacture of the product forward conveying process, can be automatically combined into the package, save time, improve packaging efficiency. Touch screen layout, friendly interface, parameter setting fast, convenient man-machine communication and control. The best choice for the machine speed shrink packaging machine in the field of domestic.