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    Bottle machine series

    • DPP200 Unscrambler
    DPP200 Unscrambler

    DPP200 Unscrambler

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: DPP200
    • Type: Unscrambler
    • Purpose: transportation
    • Product description: DPP200 Unscrambler
    Whether to provide custom processing: yes Brand: Dongyi
    model: DPP200 Bottle machine Product alias: Bottle machine
    Type: Bottle machine Use: transportation

    The "bottle" is an indispensable component of modern packaging machinery. Its function is to Bottle machine out of order piled on the material box (or bag) plastic bottle sorting, the container order direction arranged on the conveyor, sent to other equipment, to complete the next process (such as red bottle filling, etc.). The company production of bottle system is compact and flexible automation system a. It can adapt to the filling of containers of different sizes, the product can be random, filling containers messy orderly transportation.

    technical parameter

    Suitable bottle PET, PVC
    yield 12000P/h (500ml bottle
    Bottle diameter D=Φ30-Φ90
    Bottle rate 100%
    Air pressure 4Kg/cm2
    Gas consumption 0.4m3/min
    The size of the equipment Length X width X height (3220X2130X1900)
    Weight of equipment About 1000Kg