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    Bottle machine series

    • Automatic Unscrambler
    Automatic Unscrambler

    Automatic Unscrambler

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Category: Unscrambler
    • Model: LP-12
    • Usage: Bottle
    • Product description: Automatic Unscrambler
    Custom processing: yes Type: Bottle machine
    Brand: Dongyi brand model: LP-12
    Voltage: 380 (V) Power: 1.5 (kw)
    Filling capacity: (8000-10000 bottles / hour) Product use: Bottle
    Size: Phi 1660 * 2060 (mm) Net weight: 2000 (kg)
    packing: Plastic Applicable scope: Winery equipment, seasoning processing factory equipment, fruit and vegetable processing plant,
    Frozen food factory equipment, leisure food factory equipment, other
    Marketing: New

    LP-12 type Bottle machine is based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology as the foundation, according to the needs of beverage filling equipment in our country is developing to high speed the direction of development, the development of a leading domestic level with bottle arranging equipment. High speed Filling Machine The essential accessory products, mechanical action to complete the plastic bottles and bottle to bottle messy ordered to air Filling Machine, automatic Filling Machine can meet the needs of production.

    main features
    The main motor reducer adopts torque limiting mechanism to prevent damage to the machine fault.
    The two row of bottle body recommended to ensure that each bottle setting station has a bottle, a bottle to improve efficiency.
    The hanging bottle conveying duct, avoid the bottle in the transportation overturned.
    A broken bottle, eliminating mechanism.
    And a bottle clamping detector, automatic stop and alarm card bottle.
    And with no bottle for a signal to the detector, work hoist, hoist will automatically add the bottle.
    Bottle is provided with air duct, photoelectric switch, used to control the start and stop of the unscrambler.
    - Bottle machine is provided with an oil filling mouth can be conveniently for gear, bearing and cam lubricating oil.
    And has a maintenance door and door mould replacement.
    And the main electrical components (PLC, frequency converter, photoelectric switch, relay) using MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIEMENS etc..
    - pneumatic system adopts imported products.