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    bottle washer

    • Liquid bottle washing machine
    Liquid bottle washing machine

    Liquid bottle washing machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: CP-32
    • Type: Washing machines
    • Purpose: specifically for PET bottles disinfectant cleaning
    • Product description: Liquid bottle washing machine
    Custom processing: yes Brand: Dongyi
    model: ZCP-32 liquor bottle washing machine Product alias: Bottle washing machine
    Type: Bottle washing machine Use: For PET bottle of disinfectant cleaning

    Technical note:

    This machine is located in the three in one machine, is specially used for PET bottle of disinfectant cleaning. This machine all exposed parts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, stepless speed regulation. And a water tray can be recycled, disinfectant, recycling, reduce the production cost.

    The main technical parameters:

    Bottle head number: 32

    Suitable bottle size: diameter 50 mm to 90mm;

    Bottle height: 150 ~ 310mm

    Production capacity: 14000 bottles / hour (adjustable)

    Processing time: spray bottle: 4 seconds

    Drain: 4.3 seconds

    Motor power: 1.93KW

    Dimensions: 2500 x 2300 x 2500 (mm)

    Weight: 1600 kg