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    Bottled water filling system

    • Mineral water filling machinery
    Mineral water filling machinery

    Mineral water filling machinery

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: DY Series
    • Usage: Bottled water filling
    • Suitable for: mineral water, purified water
    • Product description: Mineral water filling machinery
    Brand: Dongyi type: DY series
    Product use: pure water filling Packing: bottle
    The working principle of pressure Suitable for: mineral water, pure water
    Dimensions: 1 Applicable industry: Food
    Material type: liquid Power: 8kw
    Dimensions: 1 Filling head number: 10
    Filling volume: 150-2000 ml Bottle height: mm
    Suitable bottle size: mm Production capacity (cans per minute): 5000
    Filling accuracy: 0.5% Automatic
    detailed description:

    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment is especially suitable for pure water production equipment used in mainland China I introduced the design and development of advanced foreign technology, suitable for the vast majority of water quality, Zhangjiagang Dongyi machinery Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment design, development and manufacturing capacity in the domestic counterparts in the first, a lot of water treatment performance of products meet or exceed the relevant indicators of imported products.
    Gas containing carbonated beverages, dairy products, process water
    Beer and liquor blending process water
    Pure water, natural water, mineral water, mineralized water
    Guan Daosheng, the depth of water purification of drinking water (community, hotels, public places)
    Plan a: pretreatment, ultra filtration, disinfection, postprocessing
    Scheme two: pre reverse osmosis, disinfection, treatment, postprocessing
    Scheme three: pretreatment, two reverse osmosis, ozone sterilization and postprocessing
    Scheme four: pretreatment, nanofiltration, disinfection, postprocessing
    Water quality standards []
    In accordance with the industry standard of national beverage, wine
    GB17323, 17324-1998 pure drinking water standard
    Standard GB8537-1995 drinking natural mineral water
    CJ94-1999 drinking water standard