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    Pulp filling machine

    • Particles beverage filling machine
    Particles beverage filling machine

    Particles beverage filling machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: GXGF
    • Suitable for: fruit juice
    • Package Type: Bottle
    • Product description: Particles beverage filling machine
    Brand: the model: GXGF
    Product use: granular beverage filling Packing: bottle
    The working principle of pressure Applicable objects: fruit juice beverage
    Size: 6940mm*3210mm*2800 Applicable industry: Food
    Material type: liquid Power: 6.5kw
    Size: 6940mm*3210mm*2800 Filling head number: 10
    Filling volume: 500-1000 ml Bottle height: 160mm-330mm mm
    Suitable bottle size: Phi 50mm- Phi 120mm mm Production capacity (cans per minute): 2000bph
    Filling accuracy: 0.5% Automatic
    detailed description:

    GXGF3020206 type four in one flesh Filling Machine is a set of washing (washing, disinfection liquid pure water rinse), filling, filling and capping pulp juice in one of the (high temperature) Filling Machine In two, pulp and juice filling material in the flesh to solve the problem of uneven content.
    The host adopts fully closed windows, and bottle filling zone isolation zone, the filling part can do 100 local cleaning, ensure the filling zone environment to achieve the desired temperature in filling.
    Bottle with active clamp in handover, ensure the maximum mouth unchanged to reduce the adjustment operation of the equipment of bottle type.
    The host of interaction between a SEW reducer and coupling transmission power, to ensure the smooth operation of the host.
    Main technical parameter:
    [type]: GXGF30-20-20-6
    [product]: can 8000BPH (phi 38 bottle) /7000BPH (phi 28 bottle)
    []: number one bottle 30, 20, 20 filling pulp juice filling, capping 6
    Total power: 6.5KW [] host
    [weight] consumption: 0.8M3
    [0.7]: M3 air pressure
    [applicablebottletype]: diameter 50mm- diameter 120mm bottle 160mm-330mm
    [size]: 6940mmX3210mmX2800
    Host weight: 7000Kg