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    Gas containing beverage filling equipment

    • Carbonated beverage filling machine
    Carbonated beverage filling machine

    Carbonated beverage filling machine

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: GXGF
    • Product use: Carbonated Drink Filling
    • Package Type: Bottle
    • Product description: Carbonated beverage filling machine
    Brand: the model: GXGF
    Product use: gas beverage filling Packing: bottle
    The working principle of pressure Applicable objects: carbonated drinks
    Size: 2360*1770*2700 Applicable industry: Food
    Material type: liquid Power: 2.5kW
    Size: 2360*1770*2700 Filling head number: 10
    Filling volume: 500-1000 ml Bottle height: mm
    Suitable bottle size: mm Production capacity (cans per minute): 3000
    Filling accuracy: 0.5% Automatic
    detailed description:

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    Safety performance overload protection Equipped with overload protection device, which can guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment
    Food grade stainless steel And material contact parts made of food grade stainless steel production process, no dead ends, and cleaning
    Avoid pollution two The specially designed stainless steel washer bottle holder, no contact with the thread of a bottle opening, avoid pollution two bottle
    Energy performance The liquid level automatic control system
    Efficiency performance The bottle type is more convenient to transform The bottle feeding wheel and air channel direct connected technology, to replace the original bottle and screw conveyor chain
    The card bottleneck technology, transform bottle type does not need to adjust the height of equipment
    The downward spiral in a bottle shifting wheel bottle bottom plate, transform bottle type does not need to adjust the height of conveyor chain
    Reliable accuracy The deflection control valve, liquid inlet flow, to ensure the maximum degree of filling accuracy
    Key components imported Transducer, touch screen, PLC are using the international famous brand
    The main gas system elements are also the internationally renowned brand
    CIP Equipped with a CIP loop, can be carried out in situ cleaning equipment
    The magnetic constant torque device The capping head adopts magnetic constant torque device of the cap, nondestructive, to ensure the sealing quality
    touch screen Support touch screen operation