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    Sterilization equipment

    • Beverage sterilization device
    Beverage sterilization device

    Beverage sterilization device

    • Brand: Dongyi
    • Model: XGF
    • Scope: drinks, pure water industry
    • Weight: 3000kg
    • Product description: Beverage sterilization device

    DP series inverted bottle sterilization chain is my company developed the process according to the characteristics of high temperature filling production line of its own dedicated production line equipment, the device will roll products after filling and capping, the use of high temperature product itself, within a certain time, for a second bottle sterilization, to ensure product quality. Products during transport through two mutually perpendicular oriented strand board, implementation of automatic inverted bottle, delay sterilization, automatic standing, stable and reliable throughout the process.
    The main motor adopts Japan OMRON microcomputer control, frequency control. Delivery systems using imported material heat-resistant polymer chain plate plus a combination of stainless steel chain, board formation, small abrasion; wide chain board installed heat-resistant rubber sleeve, to ensure the smooth running of the bottle. Body adopts SUS304 stainless steel, beautiful appearance hygiene.