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    Pure water production equipment precision

    Since pure water production equipment and processing of a variety of reasons, it is virtually impossible to do with absolute precision parts and entirely consistent with the ideal, there will always be some deviation. This deviation is called processing errors. From reality, better and more economical from a holistic view, did not need to do all parts are absolutely accurate. Therefore, as long as the guarantee function in parts pure water production equipment, the machining accuracy is maintained within a certain range is fully permitted. Therefore, the state provides to all levels of precision machinery industry and the corresponding tolerances. As long as parts machining error does not exceed the deviation according to design requirements and tolerances specified in the standard parts on the parts diagram, even     to ensure the machining accuracy requirements. Thus, the "precision" and "processing error" These two concepts are assessed from two points of view the part geometry parameters of this same thing. Bottom high machining accuracy and machining errors is through large and small representation. The so-called guarantee and improve the precision of the problem, in fact, is to limit and reduce the problem of processing errors.
    Refers to the so-called degree of machining error in the part after processing of geometrical parameters (dimension, shape parameter) with a predetermined pattern over the geometric parameters of compliance, the higher the degree of compliance, the machining accuracy is higher. The so-called over parts of the surface shape is absolutely right in terms of cylindrical surface, plane, cone, etc; surface position is concerned, is absolutely parallel, perpendicular, coaxial and a certain angle; to the scale, it is part size tolerance band center.



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