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    That bottled mineral water production line equipment principle

    Q: reverse osmosis pure water to produce what is the difference with other methods?
    Answer: the preparation of pure water is not only the reverse osmosis membrane of the patent, before the invention of the reverse osmosis method has long been invented to get other pure water. For example: distillation, still widely used. The provisions of our country and the world Pharmacopoeia, two times with distilled water distillation method were as the compounding agent of water, distillation can be produced relatively pure pure water, it is non-toxic sterile, no impurities, can protect the human health, but the distillation method requires a large amount of energy, the efficiency is very low, the cost is high, but also cause environmental pollution another example; filtration adsorption, such as ion exchange resin, can acid salt of organic and inorganic ions in the water is removed but cannot go to the microorganisms and viruses and bacteria, filtering and sterilizing medicine, and is a new trace element, a new ion acid salt. A variety of organic and inorganic impurities in the water, so it can not be eradicated. And a great deal of resin agent for regeneration, recycling, waste and environmental pollution will cause. Only with the film, to the most effective and most economical removal of useless organic and inorganic substances, to completely purify water quality, this is the first reverse osmosis membrane method the most significant advantages.

    Q: what is the reverse osmosis membrane second notable advantages?
    Answer: the reverse osmosis membrane second significant advantages of natural water quality. Because produced by reverse osmosis water without distillation that heating boiling water to maintain water stability, its physical property or natural state; this is most suitable for the use of biological water.

    Q: there are third different reverse osmosis water and other water?
    Yes, please look at the example, we went into great wine (rice) store comrades are seen in the aquarium filled with a lot of big fat aquatic organisms, such as fish, crabs, frogs, have a straight pipe bubble in the jar, sensible people know, here add oxygen pump for aquarium water and oxygen, compressed air and water generated by friction of oxygen in the water for fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms living breathing oxygen, avoid fish big fish oxygen deficiency often change water, caused by the burden of aquaculture products and toss and torture. We are in the process of reverse osmosis membrane preparation of pure water, also use the pump, also cause friction with the water, thus resulting in pure water, contains a lot of oxygen. The oxygen of the human body is especially good, The new supersedes the old., can treat a variety of diseases, activation of human organization, strengthen the function of the body, of course not to drink two times has curative effect, it is not called pure water, dew water can call Avalokitesvara or water, I do not have to be reached if you believe me, you keep drinking, for example from the age of thirty began to drink the pure water, now if you didn't find what cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, liver and pancreas. I can assure you live more than eighty, and that the future will not have the disease, because the root you have fundamentally eliminated the severe disease. With the reverse osmosis membrane is made of water, natural water, living water, the most suitable for human consumption.

    Q: I heard that the seepage water of beauty?
    Answer: Yes, the long-term use of reverse osmosis water bath, can achieve the purpose of beauty. The principle is: first, because there is no impurity in the water, causing the spot material is simply a variety of trace elements, no trace elements in water pollution, of course not the white skin. Second, due to the reverse osmosis water is water, oxygen rich oxidation reduction of ions so will gradually, gradually eliminate the pigmentation spots, of course, will face white, third due to oxygen and water so that the cell body cells of invertase increased water content makes the skin white tender work, the little girl's fat face whitening ruddy the old lady, lovingly pathetic, lift the ditch, turning the old old clump weight difference, is the skin moisture content has great difference.

    Q: I heard that the reverse osmosis water also called space? About his story is good?
    Answer: of course you can. The machine made by reverse osmosis, water purification, was originally designed for loading the spacecraft, such as the manufacture of spacecraft, space shuttle design. People know, launch into space launch material, every tons of material will be more than 100 tons of thrust rocket, the rocket needs 100 tons of billions of dollars of funds. If the Russian Mir docking spacecraft carrying 5 astronauts crew, and the 5 people to stay in space for 475 days per person per day for at least 2 kilograms of water, it will be 23.75 tons of water into space, this is how much money they need to do, people will not do so, the solution is to take water use a small amount of circulation.



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